GreenFarm.AI the new Simplify smartfarm solution

The new GreenFarm.AI modular smart farm is a groundbreaking agricultural solution that simplifies the process for those new to agriculture, while also enhancing the capabilities of seasoned professionals aiming for maximum yield and efficiency.

For novices, you just need to connect our user-friendly mobile phone application to our smartfarm controller and specify what kind of plant you want to grow. The system would provides guided protocols and automated controls, making it easy to start growing without prior knowledge. Features like pre-programmed formula, real-time monitoring, and automated environmental adjustments help optimizing conditions for plant growth.

For professional growers, the Smart Farm System acts as a powerful tool to fine-tune their agricultural operations. It allows for precise control over every aspect of the farming environment, from soil moisture and nutrient levels to light cycles and humidity. This level of control enables professionals to experiment with sophisticated growing techniques. The system also utilizes its own machine learning algorithms to analyze growing data and suggest parameter adjustments that can lead to higher yields, improved produce quality, and more efficient resource utilization.

The system modularity allows for easy customization and scalability. Users can start with a basic setup and expand their farming operation by adding more modules as needed, making it suitable for both personal and commercial use.


Growing Methodologies

Adaptable Growing System

This versatile system supports various growing methods, including substrate-based cultivation (with soil), hydroponic (soilless), and aquatic plant-based systems. Additionally, it is engineered to facilitate the construction of vertical farms, such as green walls, making it an ideal choice for urban agriculture and efficient space utilization.


Automatic Farming

Automation and Control

The modular smart farm system incorporates an environment feedback loop and action triggers for automated farming control. This automation ensures that plants receive precisely what they need when they need it, significantly reducing the labor required for farming operations. The smart controllers and sensors work together to monitor and adjust environmental conditions, triggering actions such as watering, lighting adjustments, or nutrient dosing based on real-time data. A comprehensive array of sensors monitors critical environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, light levels, pH, and nutrient concentrations. These sensors enable the system to adjust conditions automatically, ensuring optimal growth environments.


Farming Customization

Option Option Option

Coupling with other growing solution like Modular Greenhouse, Wavelength adjustable Lighting System, Evaporation control, and modular hydroponic tank and rail system. These optional add-ons provide a controlled environment for year-round farming, protecting crops from adverse weather conditions and other unpredicatable factors. GreenFarm.AI represents a significant advancement in agricultural technology, offering a flexible, efficient, and intelligent solution for modern farming challenges.